Sal Island

Is an island of the archipelago of Cape Verde.Its name means Island of Sal. Like many other islands of Sal became the name in common use only after the discovery and exploitation of deposits of salt (sodium chloride,replacing the original Ilha Plana flat island with which it was named when it was discovered in December 1460. And'the main entrance door in the archipelago of Cape Verde as with most of the international airport - Amilcar Cabral - something that has made the island of Sal easy to reach and, consequently, the most visited by foreign tourists archipelago. So flat and barren stretches to offer a "lunar" landscape,the visitors who reach Sal byair, in the majority stragande staying in Santa Maria, a town that boasts a long coastline (about ten miles) of white sandy beach which is overlooked the best resorts and resort island of Sal. If the archipelago of Cape Verde, in the various islands, it still retains its own pace and style of life, characteristic of the Creole community, the coast l stretches of the island of Sal, especially in the vicinity of Santa Maria, in recent years have recorded an impressive growth of tourist flows and as a result of services and accommodation facilities, with the construction of many villages, resorts, apartments and hotels. Although the construction and tourism-related activities and the number of tourists who reach Ps are still growing, on a human scale and true mirror of the soul of Cape Verde is the wharf area where every day takes place between the inhabitants area of the sale of the fish.

Santa Maria

igrisinha beachkite beachSanta Maria is a town of about 2,000 inhabitants, which mixes the traditionalcalm of the archipelago with the bustling life of the tourist resorts. The country offers a cultural center the Aldeiamento Turistico de Morderira, located in an old Portuguese house restored and a vibrant market African products, particularly Senegal, all in a maze of narrow streets, calm and quiet, overlooking the sea.

The Beach

Santa Maria beachpedra de lume salinaThe real attraction is the white sandy beach and its wooden pier. A meeting place used by fishermen depart and return on their small boats and colorful and boys with tuna lolling on wheelbarrows masons carry the fish to the market or some hotel.From the village of de Lume climbingon a dirt road that runs along the old wooden cable car to the entrance of the tunnel carved into the rock on 1804. From there continue on foot coming out of the belly of the mountain in the ancient crater. In pools of salt, now abandoned, you can bathe in tepid water that is 35 times saltier than the sea. The ancient salt mines of Pedra de Lume are located on the bottom of the crater of an extinct volcano and collapsed to the level of the sea. The water that evaporates very slowly leaves a layer of salt of a thousand colors to effect various minerals present.


buracona swim pool
The natural pool of Buracon, is the opening of an underwater cave. Here the sand gives way to rocks of volcanic origin, evidence of ancient eruptions ending in the sea.

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